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On the island Gotland in the 1990s, a cassette tape of Achilles inspired a young Swedish boy named Sebastian... It opened up a new world of opportunity, meaning and glory...


A life filled with manic focus on performance started: fast forward several years. Now in the USA. College football, an MBA, strenght coaching and tech sales in Silicon Valley. The talent was not there, but relentless hard work was. While others were having fun, Sebastian was putting in the reps. Mentally, physically and spiritually.  Always zeroing in on outworking everyone. Combined with a decade and half of self help work, bio-hacking, and heavy weights. Sebastian found an edge. Money, titles and success came quick, but the ego came with…


Death brought realizations… his mentor committed suicide. A family member died. This is what it took for him to snap out of a deranged reality, that his performance was everything, even more important than his wife (Sofia) and daughter (Athena), hence SAFINA.


Stillness, vulnerability and community brought him back. Integrity set him straight. Honor aligned him to live for something greater than himself and to give back.

To rise like the Phoenix from the ashes, to now serve these lessons to others; how to perform on the highest level, sustainably and mindfully. 

Like the Ancient Greeks, that requires 
Inner Strength and Outer strength.

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Anxiety, depression, self-worth issues, eating disorders, IBS, sexual anxiety + more...  as a high performers Sebastian, the founder, is not alone with experiencing this. To help others we have decided to help "The Human Aspect" give a voice to the voiceless. Find out more here.


The Ancient Greek Warriors would die before appearing weak. Today, we as high performers carry that same stigma with us.

We were taught to be flawless machines. Results define us. Weakness is unacceptable. But what about vulnerability, support and help? 

Avicii committed suicide. Michael Phelps, Rhonda Rousey, B.O.B.: Some of the greatest athlete's and high performers in the world have considered taking their own life. Why?

We praise being number one. Just because you are the GOAT (greatest of all time) does not mean you're happy. Safina is dedicated to all high performers out there who struggle with "Performance Addiction". Not knowing who you are outside of your performance/numbers.


 Please know: 1. There is help. 2. You are not alone.