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To perform at your high level every day, we have created three archetypes to align yourself with to bring clarity into your life and how to approach it. 

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You are dedicated to your virtues, wisdom, the development of your character and intellect.

Learning is essential, humility is crucial. You lead by action, you stay in a students mindset, as you honor the path of dedication to doing the next right thing.

The highest state of a Stoic is the Sage <> “Sophos". You know yourself and your truth so well that you are unaffected by external events, people and circumstances.

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Explore what the eye can’t see. Become aware, get still, tune in with your instincts, intuition and inner knowing.


Develop the skill and learn how to surrender to something higher than yourself. Clarity will appear in the form of answers, directions, people and things.

The highest state of the Mystic is connection with your Spirit | Daimon. Believed in ancient Greece to be your inner truth, knowing, and soul. A whisper and guide in your life. Some call it gut feeling, others intuition, some god.

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As the Spartans did, train, discipline, and dedicate yourself, like you are on mission to protect the lives of the one you love. 


Live for something higher than yourself and your own selfish needs. Caring for you body includes an Athlete's diet, rest, sleep, supplementation etc.

As the highest state of a Spartan is the the Honorable, the Gentleman | Kalos Kagathos. You act with honor, discipline, grace, generosity, confidence, humility and elegance. You are a leader and a role model, you help, protect and give back to others.

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