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If you want to unleash your potential for elite performance...

If you want to bust through strength plateaus.

If you want to be a conditioned & athletic machine.

Then you need smart programming that delivers growth and ensures longevity!

Everyone wants to be fitter, stronger, faster, better conditioned, and more athletic. But when it comes to actually achieving those things… It can get messy, confusing, and overwhelming real quick.

Random workouts are easy to make up, but it will get your random results, and NOT get you closer to unleashing your true strength and performance potential. And, if programmed incorrectly, can even take you further away, or put you at a high risk for injury.

We focus on smart training for functional fitness athletes that delivers consistent & reliable results across the board.

We're going to take you through workouts that are thoughtfully designed to lay down a solid foundation of strength and skill. Balancing kettlebell strength and skill with calisthenics. 




As a high performer the most precious thing YOU have is your time. Don't waste it. Get after it!


I see it all the time. Committing hours of their time to recovery, extra workouts, mobility work, etc. And the worst part is… They don’t get the pay off. Can you relate to that? 


You look at the effort you’re putting into your training. You look at the progress you’re making. And things just aren't adding up. Which means you’re frustrated. Or, more likely, PISSED! 


And no wonder. You want to be use see your muscles growing, strength increase and mobility improve,. Heavier kettlebells, with more flow and skill. You want to feel fluid and in complete control of your calisthenics movements. 


Basically… You want to experience the results that your effort deserves. Let me tell you something that might be hard to accept… That’s not gonna happen if you keep doing the same things. There is no pay off just around the corner. There isn’t a tsunami of strength and skill headed your way. 


But it ain’t all bad. You can turn it around.

You can experience the rush of consistently improving… getting stronger, fitter, and more capable… Of heading into a workout knowing you have what it takes to throw down like an athletic machine. 


That can be your reality. If you’re willing to let go of your old way of training. and embrace something new.


If you can see yourself doing that… Then the answer is right in front of you.

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Strength helped me find myself, my worth, confidence and taught me truth.

 In my athletic career I was never the most talented, but I outworked everyone. I took pride in doing the things no one wanted to do. That led me to falling in love with strength training. 

As many others out there I spent years of constantly being overtrained, stiff and in pain, from my own programming. I eventually got introduced to Industrial Strength by Joe DeFranco, by my mentor Magnus Eriksson. This led me to the legendary strength and mindset renegade, Jason Ferruggia. I started following professionals who knew their sh*t, and my results and gains shot through the roof! 

Years later of Athletics, Powerlifting, CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Kettlebells & Functional Training,, Gymnastics , Bodybuilding, research and testing countless programs, a T-Nation obsession, playing college football, working as a Strength and Conditioning and CrossFit coach, I decided to forge all my experiences, knowledge and research, from over a decade and half, into these unique strength programs to share with the world.  


Not your regular lift heavy and get jacked bro programs, but intelligent, precise and effective programs with functional strength training, mobility, calisthenics and pure strength, that will have you lift heavier, look amazing, and move stunningly! Not just in the gym, but in REAL LIFE!

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You will be able to move, play, lift, hoist and carry anything, because your physical practice is dialed in.


Get ready to embrace your new greek god physique, as you put in the reps and follow the material. Engage with the community, forge allies and get gains!


García (1992) reports on the lifting of weights, light or large blocks of stone as an activity very popular in all periods. Diem (1966) also informs us that for muscular training they used resistance exercises, either individual: balancing heavy balls and dumbbells, climbing up a rope and climbing on the bar –"pulls up"–, or in pairs: carrying a partner on slopes (transport) or lowering the arms against their resistance.

Philostratus wrote that systematic training evolved out of the more empirical methods that early Olympic athletes devised to improve their fitness. He describes (Gymnasticus, 44), somewhat imaginatively, how “they lifted weights, raced horses and hares, bent or straightened metal bars, pulled ploughs or carts, lifted bulls and wrestled lions, or swam in the sea so as to exercise their arms and their entire body. Their diet was natural, with whole grain bread and meat from oxen, bulls, goats and deer. They slept on hides or straw mattresses, and anointed themselves with plenty of olive oil. They were healthy and did not get sick easily. They stayed youthful into old age, and competed in many Olympics, some in eight and others in nine.”


"I have spent countless of hours researching and testing strength programs, every 6-8 weeks for years. It's exhausting and time consuming. The best results I have ever gotten was when I followed these programs. Thank you Safina for delivering straight quality! The best stuff out there!


one structured and progressive program from my strength coaches in College or at Strength & Conditioning and CrossFit gyms. THESE PROGRAMS ARE SPOT ON, AND HAVE DELIVERED THE EXACT GAINS I WAS LOOKING FOR"

- Anonymous Athlete

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Minimalist + Low equipment work outs. All you need is a Kettlebell or a pair of Dumbbells. At home or when traveling. Pure simplicity and strenght fit for a Greek Hero.

+ Functional Strength
+ Kettlebell Focused
+ Calisthenics Exercises 
+ Mobility Videos
+ 3-5 a week
+ 30-60 min per workout