"Safina" in Swahili means "Noah's Ark" aka. a vessel of truth.

A dedication to Sebastians's wife & daughter "Sofia" & "Athena". A reminder of what matters more than his performance. 

High Performance was everything to Sebastian, but death brought realizations… his mentor committed suicide. A family member died. This is what it took for him to snap out of a deranged reality, that his performance was everything, even more important than his wife and daughter, Sofia and Athena, hence the dedicated and combined name: "Safina".

About the Podcast

The Next Generation of High Performance. We explore mindset, entrepreneurship, fitness regimes, diet, health, bio-hacking and spirituality from the brightest minds and strongest athletes.


We get real, raw and vulnerable about high performance. The good, bad and ugly. The highs and lows, and the stories you were never told. Mind, Body and Soul!


From world class athletes to entrepreneurs, innovators, leaders and change makers.

Performance Addiction

Michael Phelps, the greatest Olympian of all times, almost committed suicide... 


We praise being number one, but just because you are the GOAT does not mean you're happy. Safina is dedication to all high performers out there struggling with "Performance Addiction" - Not knowing who you are outside of your numbers.


In loving memory to Stephen Soni & Avicii <3