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My Story

High Performance was everything to me, but death brought realizations… my mentor committed suicide. A family member died. This is what it took for me to snap out of a deranged reality, that my performance was everything, even more important than my wife and daughter, Sofia and Athena, hence the dedicated and combined name: "Safina".


I constantly keep going back to focusing on myself, which always leads me into the greatest misery and loss of direction in life. We are led to believe that the more we acquire and the more we accomplish, the happier we get. I've found the complete opposite, if not done in a mindful way.


If you don't live by certain principles and virtues in your life, the wind can blow you in any direction; your friend, social media, the stock market, the news, your family, can all say something, and all of the sudden you have shifted your direction, your mood, your mindset, ever so slightly. I have way too often in life times found myself trapped and controlled by outside circumstances, people and events. I've spiraled, made excuses and pointed fingers.

The very goal of Safina is to know who you are and what you stand for so well that you are unaffected by events, people and circumstances. You choose your life and state, no one else. Not the news, not your spouse, not your parents, not your boss. You, and only you. This starts with radical ownership of your own actions and thoughts. No more pointing the finger. If you want to change your life, no one else can do it for you, only you.

Performance Addiction

Michael Phelps, the greatest Olympian of all times, almost committed suicide... 


We praise being number one, but just because you are the GOAT does not mean you're happy. Safina is dedication to all high performers out there struggling with "Performance Addiction" - Not knowing who you are outside of your performance and numbers...


In loving memory to Stephen Soni and Avicii <3

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